Quality of life

Cost-effective generic pharmaceuticals for relieve of constipation.

About Us

Pro Health Pharma is a niche generic pharmaceutical company within the gastroenterology area. We focus on development and marketing of pharmaceuticals for constipation with the aim to improve quality of life and contribute to better health economy. We provide cost-efficient medicines of highest quality for patients suffering from constipation. By delivering affordable medicines to pharmacies, we are able to contribute to reduced cost of treatment for the benefit of patients and society.

Pro Health Pharma, with headquarter in Helsingborg, Sweden, was founded in 2014. The same year the products Omnilax and Omnicol were acquired. Both products are based on macrogols which is a group of medicine also known as osmotic laxatives which are used medically to relieve constipation. These medicines are sometimes referred to polyethylene glycols and are identified by a number representing the molecular weight (macrogol 3350 and macrogol 4000).


Pro Health Pharma is well established in the Swedish market since 2015 where Omnilax now is the market leader in the macrogol 4000 segment in Sweden1. We have a strong focus on international expansion and growth, both with new products as well as entering new markets with the current product portfolio. Besides direct sales in Sweden, Pro Health Pharma is active in Italy and Spain via license partners.

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Growth and international expansion

Our main focus for growth is product launches in selected countries in Europe with favorable market conditions for macrogols. Our business model is to be the Marketing Authorization holder and partner with well-established companies with a strong position within the gastroenterology area in the local markets. Our partners drive all sales and marketing activities in their territories.

Partnership is key to success

To create value and offer affordable medicines, our business model is built upon partnership with a network of external expertise and capacity, in areas including clinical development, manufacturing, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, sales and marketing.